About Us

Gemstone Export is one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of high quality gemstones of different types and varieties. In fact, our products offer 100% guarantee of authenticity and quality and this tends to offer complete satisfaction to our customers. What started as just a hobby has now become an established business not only in the country, but also across the world. Today, the company has some of the most well-established business networks in different countries ranging from Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand and many other Asian countries, as well.

We strive to provide personalized services adhering to the highest standards of integrity. We also give top priority on the customer satisfaction, and this is one of the major reasons for our huge success today. Apart from the fact that we always give preference on the top-notch quality, we also aim to offer our gemstones and the products made of those stones at the most affordable price ranges. As a result, even if, you have a limited budget, it will not be difficult for you to buy some of the amazing products from us. We will be glad to cater to your demands in any way you want.

We select stones from some of the best places and cut and polish them for the highest quality finish. We also make use of advanced tools and machineries to cut and design them in the best shapes that our customers would prefer. We have special plants, and we offer specialized treatment to every stone in our plant. Following this, we quality test by adhering to the latest industrial standards. Only then, we are assured about the complete and superior quality of our products. No other company will possibly make such a huge effort in order to ensure that the products are the best.

We use wide varieties of gemstones like amethyst, crystal quartz, peach aventurine, rutiled quartz, blue aventurine, yellow jasper, etc. In addition to that, there are other stones in our list like green fluorite, rainbow moonstone, ruby zeocite, picture jasper, moss agate, pink-green jasper, fancy jasper, sugilite, pink opal, and many other healing stones. In fact, the amazing collection of stones that we use will just make you go crazy and you can always select any of these from Gemstone Export, as per your needs. By taking a look at the catalog, you will develop a thorough idea of what we can offer you, as a whole.

Since the expanse of online shopping is rapidly growing, we are looking forward to bringing you all the more unique and amazing stones that you have never witnessed before. You will not only be impressed with the quality, but also the shapes, designs and colors. If you want, you can get registered to our online store so that you get constant updates on our latest promotions and special offers. If you are lucky enough to avail our discounts, you can also expect to save lots of money and time with online shopping.

We are in this industry for more than 30 years now, and we have acquired some of the excellent collection of gemstones that you will not find anywhere else.  The authenticity of stones is guaranteed by us, and we will also offer authenticity certificate for our products. As a result, our customers can be relaxed by purchasing from our store without bothering about the quality of the products we sell. We also offer special discounts occasionally to grab the attention of our customers all the more.  

Our company makes special effort in offering live chat support. Hence, if you experience any confusion in making a selection, we will guide you thoroughly in each step. We are also there to resolve your queries anytime of the day. Each stone is associated with description of its benefits and characteristics. Moreover, what you find through the images online is actually the product that you receive. As soon as, we receive your order, we double test the product before shipping it to you. In addition to that, we have tied up with reliable service providers to make sure that your products reach you on time and without any harm. Consequently, you can look forward to purchasing from us time and again.  

Gemstone Export continues to expand its base and win the hearts of many more customers. You are missing out something valuable by not making your purchase from this company. Therefore, it is high time that you check out the range of products that we offer ranging from necklaces, arrowheads, bracelets or tumbled stones before placing your order. We are sure that you will be satisfied and come back to us time and again. To know more on us, it is wise to scratch information from the official site www.gemstoneexport.com. We will live up to your expectations to give you the best.