Arrowheads - Sub Category

Description of Arrowheads

Arrowheads were used by Native Americans to protect and shield themselves. Taking this concept further, we, at Gemstone Exports have created the same but with precious stones. You can find various items such as Brown Jasper Arrowheads necklace, Black Obsidian arrowheads necklace, fancy Jasper bird necklace, Fish arrowheads pendants, carved arrowheads pendants, arrowheads cord wrap pendants thunderbird arrowheads wrap and other such products. If you want to have them in their original form, we also trade in Indian Arrowheads and Native arrowheads like Agate Knife arrowhead, Stone Age arrowheads, NativeAmerican weapons etc. Authentic Indian and Native American Arrowheads for sale at wholesale Price.