Crystal Quartz Usui Reiki Ball Set With Stand

Product Code :Reiki-Ball-011
Item Code: Reiki-Ball-011
Size: 45-55mm
MOQ: 10 Pcs
Weight: 150-200 grm
Special Order: Contact Us
A+ Top Quality Gemstones. Best for Healing, Positive Energy, Reiki, Meditation, Peace of Mind; Comes with a beautiful velvet pouch. Also useful for Stress, Anxiety, Issues, Chakra Healing, Mental Imbalance, Crystal & Massage Therapy, Spiritual Awakening, Psychic, Relaxation, Trauma, Exams, Business, Growth, Prosperity, Power, and many more applications. Quartz Crystal - This stone amplifies prayers, wishes and positive visualizations. Keeps you in touch with your spiritual side, and reminds you that you are a spiritual being, having a human experience. Chakra is derived from Sanskrit language which means the wheel is a healing method for a wide variety of diseases. A symbol is a communication tool that simply represents a complex of person, object, group, or idea, meant to shift your consciousness or unconsciousness towards a special meaning. So, symbols represent a very specific energy, but are not that energy in itself.

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