Golden Quartz Orgone Angel

Product Code :An-074
Item Code: An-074
Size: 2.0 Inches
MOQ: 50 Pcs
Weight: 30-40 Grams
Special Order: Contact Us
Making contact with angels, spirit guides, and others of the spiritual realm is also a powerful way to advance your spiritual growth. Angels and other spirit beings want to be of help to you; all you need to do is ask for it. This Golden Quartz Orgone Angel is used to cleanse negative energy and are also used to counteract the effects electromagnetic waves have on our body. By placing this Golden Quartz Orgone Angel in and around your home, you will become aware of the extraordinary change they will have on you and your surroundings. In addition, these organ devices are beautiful as well as functional. Concentrate on the specific energy that you wish to program the crystal with, and `transmit` the energies and thoughts from your mind directly to the stone. Place an order at Gemstone Export.

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