Lapis Lazuli stone Journals

Product Code :Jrnl-011
Item Code: Jrnl-011
Size: 5x7 Inches
MOQ: 10 Pcs
Weight: 150-200 grams
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Real lapis lazuli will remain cool to the touch, even after holding it for a while. Plastic imitations will never feel as cool and glass imitations will warm up quickly if you hold them in your hand. Additionally, rubbing the piece with acetone can determine its legitimacy. Leather journal diary meticulously handcrafted in genuine and high quality thick leather. The pattern on the leather cover is entirely hand tooled that is beautifully visible on the front and back. The focal point of the journal is the beautiful stitched medallion in the centre of the front cover. In the centre of this medallion is a gorgeous lapis lazuli gemstone, which adds a splash of color that perfectly complements the rich hue of the leather. The lapis lazuli stones used in the design are hand selected and only those with captivating depth of color and eye-catching markings are used. It has a leather strap to fasten the book after use or to use as bookmark.Place your order now at Gemstone Export.