Reiki Crystals Wholesale

Product Code :Rei-148
Item Code: Rei-148
Size: 20-25 MM
MOQ: 20 Sets
Special Order: Contact Us
Reiki Crystal Wholesale is a stone of unlocking and robust cleaner for the emotional body that banishes fears, calms the apprehensive method, and gently brings one’s emotional patterns to the skin for processing and reflection. By way of this system, unhealthy patterns are well-known, thereby facilitating the releasing of these by way of long past patterns.               

Reiki Crystal is an excellent ally for many who are going by means of a transition and change and searching for help in overcoming resistance. Once inner obstructions are removed, it attunes the individual to deeper stages of religious attention and connection to the better self. Physically, Reiki Crystal  has been used to help deal with ailments of the neck, throat, and mouth. Because of its cooling properties, Reiki Crystal  helps to counter infection, aids in the healing of inflammatory ailments and soothes an overactive anxious system.   Through activating and clearing the heart, Throat, and third Eye Chakras, Reiki Crystal  assists one in the clear communication of 1’s best possible truth and intent without fear.

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