Yellow Calcite Rune Divination Set

Product Code :Ru-046
Item Code: Ru-046
Size: 15-30 MM
MOQ: 10 Sets
Weight: 200-250 Grams
Special Order: Contact Us
Are you looking for Yellow Calcite Rune Divination Set? Yellow Calcite is associated with the solar plexus, self confidence and hope. It is said to be effective at clearing out old energy patterns and increasing personal motivation and drive. Yellow Calcite specifically is a clearer of accumulated self doubt, giving you the opportunity for a clean emotional slate. Yellow Calcite Rune Sets can be used to help guide you through problems or issues and help show you what is likely to happen. They offer different variables and suggest how you could behave if the event does occur. Runes are known for hinting towards answers, but leaving you to work out the details, which is where intuition is helpful. Shop online now.

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